Caring For Your Vehicle's New Vinyl Wrap

If you are about to have your vehicle wrapped in vinyl to improve its appearance or show off an advertisement, you likely want this covering to last as long as possible. Vehicle wrapping protects the metal and paint job underneath; however, it is important to care for it properly so you get a good number of years out of the process.

Always Use The Products Recommended By The Manufacturer

When you have a vehicle wrapped, the vinyl manufacturer will provide you with information about the products to use when cleaning and caring for the material. It is of the utmost importance to adhere to these recommendations so you are within warranty restrictions should something happen to go wrong. If you use a cleaning product not recommended, and damage occurs, your warranty will not cover you monetarily. As a rule, avoid any type of cleaning agent with wax included in the ingredients. Products that are pH-neutral clean most vinyl without causing damage to occur.

Keep Your Vehicle In An Enclosed Area If Possible

If you have a garage or carport on your property, use it to store your vehicle when it is not in use. This not only protects your vehicle from potential damage from tree limbs or natural debris buildup, but it also keeps it out of direct sunlight during daytime hours. Sunlight could cause the fading of the colors on the vinyl wrap over time. To maximize the pristine appearance of your wrap job, keep it covered whenever your vehicle is parked.

Clean Your Vehicle Every Week Or Two

The vinyl wrap on your vehicle needs regular cleanings to keep it looking sharp. Overwashing, however, could cause the breakdown of vinyl coloring to occur prematurely. For this reason, limit cleaning sessions to once every week or two. When you clean your vehicle, spray the cleaning agent on the vinyl from several inches away, allow it to settle for a few minutes. Use a soft sponge in a circular motion to get the soap into the nooks and crannies, and rinse well using a garden hose.

Avoid bringing your vehicle to an automated car wash. These establishments tend to use water in a high-pressure setting, which could damage the vinyl upon your car. They also use apparatuses with brushes attached, which could scratch the surface of your vinyl covering. In addition, you do not know the composition of car soap they provide.

For more information about car vinyl wraps, contact a local professional.

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