Finding The Right Snow Plow For Your Vehicle

The right plow makes all the difference to a snow plow driver, and there are lots of different options to choose from when you go to a snow plow sales center. If you need a new one, here's how to go about finding the right one for your vehicle.

Step 1: Choose the Proper Size for Your Vehicle

The first and most important consideration is how large or small a plow you should get. While larger plows generally make plowing faster, one that's too big for your vehicle will cause excessive wear on the engine and front axle. Additionally, a plow that's too wide is sometimes difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.

To find out how heavy a snow plow your vehicle can handle, consult the manufacturer's specifications. You might find a recommended maximum front-end weight in your owner's manual, and your local service center can help you determine what weight is acceptable if there's not a limit listed in the owner's manual (or if you lost the manual).

With regard to width, you can usually get a plow that's as wide as your vehicle. If you're equipping specialized machinery for parking lot paving, you may be able to use a plow that's wider than the vehicle. Otherwise, go with one that's your vehicle's width and you won't have too much trouble maneuvering in tighter spaces.

Step 2: Select the Type of Plow

Second, select what type of plow you want. Snow plows come in three main designs:

  • Straight plows are straight across and a good all-purpose plow for many situations.
  • V-shaped plows are split into the middle so that the plow angles to either side. They're the most versatile type of plow for smaller jobs, but they're less efficient on larger jobs.
  • Box plows are straight with caps on the end that keep snow from sliding to the side of the plow. These are most useful in commercial settings where there's a lot of snow, and they frequently require heavy machinery to push all of the snow's weight.

Unless you're plowing commercial parking lots, a straight or V-shaped plow is likely the best choice. Choose the former for an all-purpose plow that'll service long and short driveways. Go with the latter if you need a plow that's more suited to short driveways with tight turns and objects near the driveway. The added versatility of the V-shape is helpful in these situations.

Once you have a plow that's properly sized and the right shape, you'll be ready for the next plowing season. To find out more about how to use a snow plow, reach out to a company such as J & C Campers.

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