Fuel Catalyst Treatments 101: A Guide For Curious Auto Owners

In your time spent browsing performance options for your beloved vehicle, you may have come across something called a fuel catalyst additive. This small bottle of fluid gets added directly to the fuel tank and mixes with your fuel, but what is this product and why is it worthy of your attention? Check out just a few of the questions most car owners have about fuel catalyst treatments and the answers you should know. 

What exactly is a fuel catalyst additive?

Fuel catalyst additives can work in different ways, but in general, a catalyst is something that has the potential to accelerate something else. In the case of a chemical catalyst being paired with a combustible fuel, the typical acceleration will be the fuel itself. For example, a catalyst added to gasoline will accelerate the combustion rate of the fuel so that it burns cleaner and more efficiently when it is used by a motor. 

What are the advantages of using these additives in your automobile?

The average car owner can reap quite a few benefits by adding a fuel catalyst treatment to their fuel tanks on a regular basis. Some of the biggest advantages of these products include: 

  • The engine's power overall will be improved
  • Emissions will likely be reduced by a high percentage 
  • Efficiency will be better with fuel usage in the motor 

For people who want to reap the biggest benefits, adding a bottle of the catalyst product to every tank of fuel is the best plan of action. 

Will the fuel catalyst additive help with engine performance?

If you have an engine that is ailing or having issues, adding a bottle of fuel catalyst to the fuel is probably not going to make a huge difference if there are other problems present. However, if you are working with a motor that is already in good shape and doesn't have a lot of mechanical issues, it is very possible to see performance gains with fuel system additives that contain a catalyst. 

Can you use these additives in a diesel engine?

You can find fuel catalyst treatments for both gasoline and diesel engines. However, you do have to make sure that whatever product you buy is right for the type of engine you have. Catalyst chemicals are naturally going to be different for different types of fuel. So if you use the wrong catalyst, you could risk causing damage to the fuel system. 

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